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SWC’s launched its first live web show, Beers with Brad on Friday, March 1st. This interactive show gives viewers the chance to tweet in all of their IT questions and have them answered live on the show by Brad and his guests. Beers with Brad airs every other Friday during happy hour at SWC and explores the particulars of hops and barley, while discussing Microsoft System Center 2012 in addition to various technical topics introduced by viewers, Brad and his guests.

Wach Beers With Brad

During the show, Brad Ellison and his first guest Roger Adamson, Beer and Spirits Specialist from Binny’s Beverage Depot in Willowbrook, discussed beer and answered various questions from the audience. The two beers Roger sampled on the show were the Long Strange Triple and The Sixth Glass, both from Boulevard Brewing Co. Brad loves to rate every beer on the show and gave the Long Strange Triple an 8 out of 10 and The Sixth Glass a 9 out of 10. There were also many questions tweeted in about beer by our viewers, one in particular was, “What is the best beer for St. Patrick’s Day?” According to Roger, the best beer for St. Patrick’s Day is Guinness or Conway’s Irish Ale.

After the beer talk, Brad and his second guest Jeremy Alt, IT consultant at SWC, discussed Microsoft System Center and Virtualization for the technical portion of the show. Jeremy provided a wealth of knowledge on this topic and told viewers how virtualization can help companies cut costs. According to Brad and Jeremy, Microsoft System Center’s ability to manage IT environments with Virtual Machine Manager and Application Controller provides a compelling reason for companies to move into the virtual IT landscape. Many viewers tweeted in their technical questions live on the show, some of the ones Brad and Jeremy answered included: “What are the challenges of Virtualization?” “Does virtualization require a SAN?” and “What is the best way to back up your virtual machine?”

Watch this week’s episode of Beers with Brad to learn the answers to all of these IT questions and more!

Please join us for our next Beers with Brad show on Friday, March 15th at 4 PM (CST), click here to sign up! Don’t forget to tweet @SWCTechPartners all of your Microsoft System Center and IT questions for Brad and his guests to answer live on the show.

To learn more about how Microsoft System Center 2012 can help you and your business, please join SWC for our next Microsoft System Center event.

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