What is the Private Cloud?

September 13, 2012   //   Microsoft System Center, , , , , ,

The Private Cloud is a new IT model that allows organizations to better pool, provision and scale their infrastructure. It allows organizations to focus on the services that provide value to the business rather than the underlying fabric that is needed to deploy those services. Simply put, a Private Cloud delivers business functions as services. The ‘Cloud’ is nothing mystical; don’t feed into all the hype. The cloud is simply a more efficient way to utilize your infrastructure and resources to deploy services throughout your organization. It is geared toward allowing organizations to focus more on the service offering to the organization rather than the storage, networking, servers and other underlying fabric that are used to provide these offerings.

When we speak about ‘Services’ in a Private Cloud, we are really talking about Applications that are encapsulated with all of the necessary configurations, Operating System files and underlying fabric that is needed to deploy those applications within the organization. Long gone are the days of configuring a single purposed physical server for a Line of Business Application you may have; not to mention all of the overhead associated in configuring and maintaining the networking, storage and security aspects that are needed to support the application. By the time you are done you have incurred much more time and cost in setting up the infrastructure than actually working on deploying the application to the organization. This time and cost is then magnified should you ever need to reconfigure the application or server hardware for whatever reason. The Private Cloud concept was built to address these shortcomings, and allows for a much more versatile, scalable and manageable compute environment.

The proliferation of the Private Cloud is built around concepts such as Self-Service, Resource Pooling, Elasticity and Analytics. All of which are achieved by leveraging the underlying technologies you use in your organization today; such as Virtualization, High Availability and Shared Storage. We can now begin to shift our attention away from the individual components that make up your infrastructure and begin to focus more on providing the services and applications that provide value to your organization.

The Private Cloud allows us to provision only the resources we require for a given service, and encompasses the necessary security access, hardware resources, and deployment methods required by those services, while being totally geographically independent. That’s right, the Private Cloud isn’t limited to a single location, but rather it is defined by a collection of resources within your organizations jurisdiction. So whether you manage the cloud resources yourself in-house or subscribe to a cloud hosting service, or both; System Center 2012 has the tools and capabilities to provide a robust, efficient, manageable and scalable Private Cloud.

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