SWC Video Featuring Microsoft Windows 8 Solution

November 20, 2012   //   Microsoft Windows, , , , ,

Microsoft Windows 8 is a product that helps organizations succeed in many ways by supporting both the business needs and the consumer. Windows 8 provides users with a touch screen operating system that supports the consumer tablet experience they have become accustom to and crave, with access to all of the enterprise business applications they need in a secure environment. Windows 8 truly enhances worker mobility and productivity.

At IT consulting firm, SWC, we have found success in a hybrid Windows 8 deployment model. Unlike past operating system refreshes, Windows 8 gives organizations the ability to support a layered deployment model, in which remote staff, the mobile workforce and executives can be issued Windows 8 devices and tablets, while onsite staff and other elements of the enterprise can remain on Windows 7. Watch our latest Windows 8 video to understand how SWC leverages Windows 8 to help make users more productive than ever before.

To learn more about how Microsoft Windows 8 can help you and your business, please join SWC for our next Microsoft Windows event.

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