Microsoft Windows 8 Release Event October 26

October 22, 2012   //   Microsoft Windows, , , ,

SWC’s IT consultants Pete Lee and Mike Romp are hosting a Microsoft Windows 8 release event on October 26th, watch our video below to learn more about Windows 8.

Windows 8 is exciting because it bridges the gap between consumerization and the enterprise. We all hear those buzz words quite a bit, but tablets and mobile devices aren’t going away and there’s more and more competition out there on the market. We’re not saying that Windows 8 is going to replace something like the Apple or Android, but it will compliment them and be able to get your users more productive than ever before! From our experience Windows 8 has been tremendous, it’s easy to use, fluid and the learning curve from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is relatively easy, as the desktop doesn’t change. Obviously everyone was concerned at first about the Windows 8 start menu, but once you start using it, you realize it’s not that drastic of a change. We think all of the other benefits that come with Windows 8 make it fully worthwhile, for instance there’s mobility and touchscreen fluidity with all of the control and security and enterprise level things that you need to actually get some work done.

The other thing we discuss at our event is a strategy for Windows 8 deployments, with Windows 7 and previous versions you had one platform you had to push out to just a desktop. But who uses just a desktop anymore? Looking at myself, I use four or five devices at one time – the smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and home PC. Now you have VDI with Microsoft Server 2012, XenDesktop, application virtualization, VMware View, and the list goes on and on.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event. To learn more about how Microsoft Windows 8 can help you and your Chicago area business, please join SWC for our next Microsoft Windows 8 event.

To help provide information, education and a clearer understanding of what Microsoft’s most innovative operating system means to businesses and how it will change the way people use not only their computers, but also tablets, SWC is making their Windows 8 experts available to media outlets for interviews.