What Are Midmarket IT Professionals Saying About Windows 8 Series

October 18, 2012   //   Microsoft Windows, , , ,

As IT consultants, we are very excited about the Microsoft Windows 8 release on October 26th and have been hosting events since June in anticipation. Our events have been attended by hundreds of midmarket IT professionals and business leaders who have had some very interesting things to say about Windows 8. Watch the video below to learn more and see what midmarket IT leaders are saying about Windows 8.

For this mid-market IT leader, Windows 8 is very intriguing; there are countless new features that he thinks improve the user experience. For instance, browsing has improved immensely, by being able to swipe through previous pages viewed. Also, the icons now allow you to scroll through data without having to open up an application. He thinks scroll through browsing makes finding data simple. Some concerns he has about Windows 8 are security and setting group policy. Being able to control the environment is important to rolling out a new operating system.

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