Office 2010 – Future of Productivity

April 29, 2010   //   Microsoft Windows, , , , ,

Microsoft has announced that the official launch date for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 is May 12. It will be called the Future of Productivity. After using Office 2010 (beta, release candidate, release to manufacturer) fully integrated with other core Microsoft Stack of Technologies (Windows 7, SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010), I believe that it lives up to that title.

We fully integrate our personal gadgets like MP3 players, notebooks, mobile devices to emails, social networking sites and entertainment. This allows us to manage our busy schedules and coordinate with friends and family. Why shouldn’t we have the same convenience and efficiency when it comes to business collaboration and productivity? Now that Office 2010 is the enabler for other technologies, we can achieve that integration.

To commemorate the launch of Office 2010, SWC will have a luncheon on June 3; watch for more details soon or sign up now to receive an invitation. Our goal is not just to show you the exciting new features of Office 2010, but also to demonstrate how it fully integrates with the Microsoft Stack of Technologies. You’ll see for yourself how Office 2010 is truly the Future of Productivity.