What Are Midmarket IT Professionals Saying About Microsoft Windows 8 Series

August 7, 2012   //   Microsoft Windows, ,

In my last blog I mentioned that SWC hosts monthly Chicago area events on Microsoft Windows 8 and we have been asking our audience of midmarket IT professionals what they think. Below is our latest video and my thoughts.

I think this is great feedback from the Loyola Tech Guys! In my experience, probably one of the hardest audiences to please is techies, because they are early adopters of technology and have very high expectation for performance and fluidity. Techies also typically have the most applications to use, so hearing that the guys at Loyola have been using Windows 8 in production helps us backup Microsoft’s vision of blending consumerization and the enterprise. This really addresses the issues that consumers have using multiple devices like the iPad and Notebook. Windows 8 address these issues and gives business and consumer users the convenience of having one device for everything. Windows 8 meets the consumer’s needs for touch, ease of use, personalization, etc. AND the enterprise’s need for management and security.

Additionally, after talking to many midmarket IT professionals, I have learned that concerns are real in regards to how Windows 8 will fit in desktop environment. This goes along with our message that if you’re running Windows 7 on the desktop or planning a Windows 7 upgrade, there is no need to rush into thinking about Windows 8. Get Windows 7 deployed first and we will get you ready for Windows 8.

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