Will Windows 8 Take Over the Smartphone Market?

June 21, 2012   //   Microsoft Windows, , , , ,

Recently, I was asked if Microsoft Windows will make major gains in the smartphone market share within the next few years or if there were any variables that could shift trends in a different direction?

Well, I do believe that Windows 8 is going to make major gains in the smartphone market share.  Microsoft has completely shifted its OS philosophy to be more user centric with fluid tiles on the metro interface, easy to use apps, and personalization across multiple devices. This is the model that made both Apple and Google market leaders. However, Microsoft’s biggest differentiator is its ability to integrate Windows 8 Mobile into the workplace, and this is huge!  Previously, access to corporate wide applications, such as CRM and SharePoint have been limited by a lack of integration with the enterprise.  Furthermore, security, compliancy, and management concerns have limited integration of Apple and Google mobile devices, which has always been one of the major reason Blackberry still has a decent market share on the corporate side.  Lately, we have heard a lot about consumerization and how more and more devices blur the line of personal life and work.  Consumers want to use their devices in the workplace, but what we often forget is that consumerization can also work the other way around.  As more corporations adopt Windows 8 Mobile, due to its manageability and security, we will see a trend of consumers bringing “workplace” devices into their “personal” realm.

This does not mean that Apple and Google smartphones are going away anytime soon, but with the mobile market expected to double by 2014, this does mean that Microsoft Windows 8 has the potential with its user centric approach and enterprise integration to make major market gains.

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