IT Leaders Are Excited About Windows 10 Features

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Windows 10 was recently unveiled to the world on July 29th with much fanfare and expectation. That was validated when SWC’s Windows 10 release luncheons at The Gage on Michigan Avenue in Downtown Chicago and Maggiano’s Little Italy in Oak Brook attracted at-capacity crowds of IT leaders. According to local Microsoft representatives, the event at Maggiano’s with over 150 total attendees was one of the largest Windows 10 events hosted in Chicagoland.

At these events, SWC, Microsoft and partners demoed how the new operating system is familiar, secure, productive, and flexible. Here are some highlights:

Virtual Desktop

Not to be confused with desktop virtualization, which is where you run a virtual operating system instance separate from your physical computer, a virtual desktop is a way of extending your workspace beyond what is shown on the screen at that moment. Windows 10 virtual desktops allow you to have multiple workspace windows running, each with its own programs. For instance, you might have separate work or personal virtual desktops. You can easily toggle between them—just click the “Task View” button in the bottom left of the Taskbar or press the Windows key + Tab. You can also move programs between virtual desktops.

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Continuum allows everyone to have the best Windows 10 experience as they move from device to device while adapting to the way the device is being used. For instance, if you are using a Surface Pro 3 and detach the keyboard, Windows 10 will ask you if you want to enter Tablet Mode. It will then switch over to a larger, more touch-friendly design.

Start Menu

The Windows 10 Start Menu will attract fans of Windows 7 and Windows 8 alike. Similar to Windows 7, the Windows 10 Start Menu features shortcuts and the ability to search and scroll through all of your applications. It also includes live tiles that you can add, resize, and rearrange. You can further customize the Start Menu by adjusting the size, color, shortcuts, and by grouping applications.

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Security was top of mind for attendees, and the majority of their questions and feedback centered on Window’s 10 security. IT administrators will be happy with the ease of use of built-in features like two-factor authentication, data loss protection (DLP), and VPN. DLP distinguishes between personal and corporate data while encrypting data as it arrives on your device from corporate locations. In addition, Windows 10 has features to prevent security attacks and malware that allow IT administrators to determine which apps are trustworthy, and if necessary, lockdown devices and apps that haven’t been signed using a Microsoft-provided signing service.


Cortana is your personal digital assistant. Click the microphone icon and ask Cortana to find a file, set up a meeting, compose an email, tell you a joke and much more.

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Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s new Edge browser allows you to take notes or highlight information directly on webpages to save and share. There is also a Reading View that removes the distractions from a webpage to allow you to focus in on the article. Cortana is built into Microsoft Edge and can reveal instant answers to your queries without even having to explore search engine results.

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Internet of Things and Business Intelligence

Chad Dotzenrod, Director of Business Intelligence for SWC, showed how the Internet of Things (IoT) and Power BI already exist in lots of daily tech like mall kiosks, automobiles, and security systems. He demonstrated how simply typing a query like, “Which territory had the most sales in 2013” instantly returned the answer in the form of rich visuals like graphs and charts. He also used Power BI to tap into Twitter conversations and display real-time sentiment on a particular topic.

We’re very excited where Microsoft is taking BI and eagerly awaiting Q4 when Cortana is integrated into the Power BI stack.

Windows 10

Many organizations are already making plans to upgrade to the powerfully productive and secure Windows 10 OS, so if you’d like to take your workplace to the next level, give us a call at 630.572.0240 or send us an email and tell us about your business requirements.

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