Windows 7: The right time for your business to upgrade

April 19, 2010   //   Microsoft Windows, , , ,

The latest news release says that 90 million Windows 7 units were sold in 6 months–a record pace! Having used Microsoft Windows 7 and incorporated its enterprise features like Direct Access (bye-bye VPN), I am completely on board. People always ask me, “Pete, should we move toward Windows 7 now or wait for Service Pack 1?”

The answer is “NOW” and here’s why:

High Performance: Windows 7 has outperformed XP and Vista on independent benchmark tests around the world.

New Enterprise Features: Strong new enterprise features like Direct Access, Branch Cache, AppLocker and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) are easy to use and offer more productivity.

Compatibility: Windows 7 was tested more thoroughly than any OS ever created with third-party vendors. In addition, solutions in the VDI allow you to be flexible with application and desktop virtualization.

It’s what Vista was intended to be: Built on the strength of Vista’s security features, Windows 7 offers easier to manage User Access Control, more flexibility with third-party vendors (applications, hardware), and is just plain more aesthetically pleasing (AERO).

I know a lot of you out there are used to waiting for the first service pack before upgrading.  Think of Windows 7 as the service pack to Vista or Windows XP.

Until next time, where my topic will focus on the oh so taboo desktop deployment strategies for Windows 7 and Office 2007/2010. SWC has got the formula. Here’s a teaser: MDT (WAIK) = WIM + WDS = Deployment Success!

Which feature of Windows 7 are you most excited about?