How The New Office 365 Enterprise E5 Can Transform Your Business

March 9, 2016   //   Microsoft,

Microsoft is synonymous with introducing acronyms into our everyday vocabulary, and just as quickly as they are introduced, they disappear into the ether as the technology landscape quickly evolves.

The Evolution of Office 365

Take, for example, Office 365  (O365), one of the the world’s most popular SaaS products. Microsoft has introduce O365 versions E1, E2 (retired), E3, E4 (retired), K1, and now E5 to the world.  It wasn’t more than just a couple of years ago that Office 365 itself was known as something entirely different — Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS).

Then there are the products within Office 365. For example, Skype 4 Business (S4B) was formerly Lync. Before Lync, there was Office Communication Server (OCS).  Add the other variations of Office 365 products, such as SharePoint (SP), One Drive 4 Business (OD4B), Exchange Online (EOL), Office Pro Plus (Office PP)… and it’s like learning a new language.

Office 365 E5 is Business Transformation

Maybe it’s the endless acronyms, or the fact that when we think of Microsoft, we think Bill Gates, the glasses and the pocket protector, that we perceive new Microsoft names as just another techie, geeky upgrade.  But the latest Microsoft Office 365 E5 suite is not just another tech acronym, it truly is Business Transformation.

Business today is global, competitive, complicated, and evolving. Technology can either enable it or impede it.  The O365 suite of products enables collaboration and productivity, and now with E5, it enables communication, analytics, and security.

Office 365 Products

Lets dig in a bit further to the O365 products leading the Business Transformation.


  • SharePoint Online – Collaboration, Intranet, Team Sites, Workflow
  • Yammer – Private social network for conversations
  • One Drive – Personal file storage


  • Exchange Online – Mail Platform, Security, Archiving
  • Office Pro Plus – Office Client (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)
  • Skype 4 Business – IM/Chat, Conference, Voice

The New Office 365 Enterprise E5

Now lets get into some of the game-changing new products available with E5.


  • Skype Meeting Broadcast – Broadcast to 10k users
  • PSTN Conferencing – Dial-in numbers for Skype meetings
  • Cloud PBX – Eliminate on prem PBX systems
  • PSTN Calling – Calling plans from O365


  • Delve – Find content based on personalized trends and behaviors
  • Power BI – Insights with dashboard from cloud or on prem sources


  • Customer Lock Box – Customer control access to data
  • Advanced Threat Protections – Modern security protection (malware, malicious URLs, viruses)
  • Predictive eDiscovery – Email review with analytics

Transform The Way You do Business

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