Ask SWC: How Can You Protect Your Organization From An IT Security Breach?

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The bad guys are winning as today’s cyber threats have evolved past our current security solutions. Watch my “Ask SWC” video to learn more about the recent security threats that corporations like PF Chang’s and Target have suffered and how you can protect your organization from a security breach.

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On June 9th a large bunch of credit cards were posted on an online fraud site. Almost immediately after they were posted, credit card companies started detecting fraudulent activity was happening on these cards. They then looked into what all of the commonalities were on these cards and what they found was that every credit card had been used at a PF Chang’s branch. Fast forward to today and PF Chang’s has actually disclosed that thirty three of their restaurants were hit by this cyber-attack. The PF Chang’s attack looks like a lot of other security breaches we have seen in the past, such as the Target security breach, where credit card numbers were stolen and posted on an online site.

The big question is, what can your organization do to protect yourself from a security breach and this type of malware? Traditional signature based antivirus software is no longer effective at detecting these types of attacks and other security threats such as botnets and Crypto-Locker. What you should be using is behavioral based protection to keep your organization safe. The leader in this space is FireEye, a next generation threat protection platform that stops advanced malware and zero-day attacks. FireEye does this by running the malware in a virtual environment and looks for any type of malicious activity a payload may do. FireEye even detected the Target attack before any of the data was stolen, but what most people don’t know is that Target failed to respond to the alerts – a billion dollar mistake!

If you are interested in learning more about FireEye and deploying next generation security solutions to help keep your organization’s data safe, please join us for our next Security 2.0 Luncheon. Tommy Montgomery, CISSP, ISSMP, CISM, GCFW and Certified Ethical Hacker will discuss next generation security solutions, tools and tactics that will help keep your organization safe from today’s cyber threats.

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