How The Sony Hack Could Have Been Prevented

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By now you have probably heard about the cyber-attack against Sony Pictures. This was the most devastating cyber-attack that we have seen against a corporation thus far. While we still don’t know a lot of the technical details about how the attack happened. We do know how the attack began. Read my “Ask SWC” blog to learn more about advanced malware protection, the Sony cyber-attack and how to keep your organization’s data safe.

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The Sony Cyber-Attack

The cyber-attack against Sony started with a simple phishing email that contained an attachment. This attachment was a malicious piece of malware that was not detected by traditional antivirus software. Sony at the time did not have an advanced malware protection system that would prevent these types of attacks. We continue to see the same method of attack used against companies. While advanced malware detection is not the only solution that is needed, it is one that companies continue to overlook.

Advanced Threat Detection Technology

SWC Technology Partners has a security solution offering through our managed services practice that helps protect organizations against similar cyber-attacks. We assist our clients by building a solid security foundation that includes market leading security tools for malware detection, firewalls and Network Access Control. These tools are all behavioral based and help prevent exploits such as Crypto-Locker and botnets that traditional signature based antivirus software programs are no longer effective at detecting. One of our favorite tools is FireEye, a threat protection platform that can identify behavioral based malicious activity and stop advanced malware and zero-day attacks.

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For more information on advanced malware protection and security best practices, Contact SWC or join us for our next complimentary Chicagoland security event. At this event, our security expert Tommy Montgomery, CISSP, ISSMP, CISM, GCFW and Certified Ethical Hacker will teach you more about the products, tools and tactics necessary to keep your organization secure and stay ahead of the bad guys.

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