SWC Best Practices: What Are Some Mobile Security Risks?

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Just like computers, mobile devices are susceptible to certain security risks. Watch my best practices video to learn more about today’s security threats and what your organization can do to keep your data safe.

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More than 55% of the Internet is consumed on a mobile device these days. Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, mobile devices are susceptible to certain security risks. Some of the same cyber threats and security risks we see on computers are now popping up on mobile devices, such as CryptoLocker. A few days ago there was a release about an Android CryptoLocker version – so it’s not just for PCs. Imagine how devastating it would be if all of the content on your phone or tablet was CryptoLocked and its not just work files that are being locked, its family photos, personal data – everything!

Every device is susceptible to a certain level of security risk, so you really have to be careful and protect against everything. One of the things we don’t see a lot of organizations implementing is mobile protection on their devices. They think it’s just a consumer device. But it’s really another PC, it just happens to be small and mobile. We find Android phones are a little more susceptible to security risks than iPhones because the openness of its open platform. But we’ve seen the same problems with iPhones as we have with Android devices a few weeks ago. In Australia, hackers were locking phones as well phishing for credentials and then using them to locate the servers of the iPhone to lock the devices. If you were hit, you would have to contact Apple to get the phone unlocked, which is very difficult to do.

Organizations need to keep security top of mind and protect all of the devices in their networks. Although mobile security isn’t really on the forefront right now. We have seen some botnets being developed for it. By the nature of mobile, you don’t have fast networks that devices are connected to all of the time. But as these networks become faster, I think we will see some more security risks. To be safe organizations should begin implementing mobile protection as part of their formal security program.

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty when it comes to today’s cyber security threats. Organizations need to be proactive by enacting a solid security program that includes the right tactics and tools to keep their data safe. SWC can help keep your organization secure by building a solid security foundation. Please join us for our next complimentary Security 2.0: Don’t be the Next Target event to learn more about protecting your organization from today’s security threats.

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