SWC Best Practices: What Industries Are Facing the Most Security Issues?

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Are there certain industries facing more security issues than others? Watch my best practices video to learn more about today’s security threats and what your organization can do to keep your data safe and stay ahead of the bad guys.

IT Security Services Video

People may think certain industries face more security issues than others, but that’s not really the case. There are security issues and risks facing every industry. Any organization that takes credit cards or has information that can be profited from is at risk for a security breach. We saw this a lot with the Target security breach, where attackers pulled credit card numbers and were then able to make a lot of money selling those numbers. Credit cards can be sold on card shops for $30 to $50 per card. It’s a big business!

Another problem we’ve seeing lately is that a lot of the Eastern European and Russian communities are starting to see organized crime where they are capitalizing on these types of security breaches as well and stealing credit card numbers and information as well. The big issue here is that they have the time and resources to dedicate to these activities. Security issues are no longer just in our backyard or a kid in a basement anymore, security breaches can happen anywhere in the world.

The numbers don’t lie…

  • 40% of corporate cyber-attacks are targeted at companies with 500 or less employees
  • According to the FBI, every second 18 computers are infected by botnets
  • 33% of businesses said stolen data would hurt their credibility and result in severe financial impact
  • 90% of small businesses have permanently closed within two years of a cyber-attack; 60% have closed within six months
  • The average data breach costs a company $3.5 million

There is a lot of uncertainty and fear around today’s cyber threats and what an organization should do to keep their information and data safe. At SWC, our security services help our customers build a solid security foundation using the right products, tools and tactics necessary to keep their organization secure. Please join us for our next complimentary “Security 2.0: Don’t be the Next Target” security event to learn more about protecting your organization from today’s security threats.

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