Ask SWC: What Are Some Tips To Protect Your Network from Hackers?

March 19, 2014   //   Security, , , ,

With the recent news of hacks and confidential information being compromised there are three important things you can do to help keep your network and data safe. Check out my “Ask SWC” video to learn more.
Ask SWC MDS and SQL Server 2012
In this episode of “Ask SWC,” I wanted to share three tips to help protect you and keep your company’s network safe, so that none of your confidential data will be compromised or stolen. Here are my top three safety tips:

  • The first tip is to make you password at least 15 characters long
  • The second tip is to never click on any malicious link in a spam email
  • The third tip is to always remember to lock your computer when you walk away from your desk

If you need help with security objectives or would like to further discuss how to keep your company’s network safe, please contact SWC. If you would like to learn more about Managed IT and Security Services, please join us for our next informative Managed Services event.

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