Why Your Business Needs a Microsoft SharePoint Governance Plan

March 8, 2012   //   SharePoint, , , , ,

In SWC Technology Partners’ experience, failure to establish a Governance Plan to guide SharePoint usage across the organization, often results in one or more of the following problems over time (with due credit to Richard Harbridge):

  • Disorganization – More Chaos Means Less ‘Find-ability’
  • Deterioration – More Junk Means Less Useful Info
  • Frustration – Poor User Experience Equals No Adoption
  • Paralysis – When Everything is Important, Where Do You Start?
  • Lack of Business Strategy – No Realized Business Value

The term ‘Governance Plan’ can refer to many different things, but for our purposes, it’s intended to mean ‘a framework of guidelines and policies that define controls, processes and accountability for information management and collaboration’. The format of the actual Governance Plan can vary, but SWC has found it should be either captured in a document or, more dynamically, via a ‘Governance Site’ integrated into the solution itself.

Microsoft Sharepoint Governance Plan Chart SWC

Regardless of the form it takes, an effective Governance Plan can mitigate many of the potential risks that often accompany a large-scale Microsoft SharePoint deployment. It can provide a basis for encouraging desirable behaviors in system usage, resolving territorial conflicts, and defining escalation procedures. It can ensure accountability, manageability, reliability, and continual alignment with organizational strategy. In short, it can be the difference between the long-term success or failure of building a Microsoft SharePoint site.

An experienced Microsoft SharePoint Consultant can provide valuable insight on developing an effective SharePoint Governance Plan.

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