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At IT consulting firm, SWC, we have honed the ability to create rich and beautiful Microsoft SharePoint environments that provide our customers with an easy, intuitive and rewarding experience. We have also established a proven methodology, through the SWC SharePoint Way to help our customers deploy the right SharePoint solution to meets their business needs. We are excited to share with you our new SharePoint portfolio showcasing some of these projects. Please click on the image below to see how we have helped our customers find success using Microsoft SharePoint.

SWC has helped our clients find success by creating Microsoft SharePoint solutions that focused on:

  • Building Communities
  • Managing Documents
  • Connecting with Customers
  • Driving Efficiencies

Building Communities

SWC has helped many organizations use Microsoft SharePoint to help build a better sense of community amongst their employees and increase internal communication. Microsoft SharePoint provides a place for employees to connect with one another and easily access important company information such as announcements and news, directories, documents, performance indicators and policies through one centralized location. Larger organizations have found success using Microsoft SharePoint to help bring together geographically dispersed teams, providing them with a better sense of community and allowing them to feel more connected. SWC’s Digital Design team has worked with our Software Solutions Group to deliver sites that feature integrated design and branding elements depicting an organization’s mission, culture and values. These elements not only enhance the site’s overall impact, but instill a deep employee connection to the brand. Since Microsoft SharePoint gives employees the ability to collaborate and work together more efficiently, through team discussion sites, document management and integration with other Microsoft stack products such as Microsoft Lync for real time presence and Unified Messaging capabilities, it makes building an internal community easy.

Managing Documents

At its core, Microsoft SharePoint is a document management and collaboration platform. By incorporating custom and unique search capabilities into document management elements, SWC has helped many organizations easily find the critical documents they need. Custom designed search tools allow users to slice and view documents through custom-built content based search parameters. Enhanced document management platforms lead to increased efficiency and effective collaboration between teams, who can quickly locate all of the critical information and data they need to complete their projects. Further integration of additional Microsoft stack products, such as Microsoft CRM, gives users the ability to access more of the documents, data and information needed to meet business objectives and drive revenue.

Connecting with Customers

Microsoft SharePoint can be used as a powerful portal to connect with customers and other external users. SWC has created external SharePoint sites and client portals that are easy to navigate and cater to their customer’s needs, while maintaining a brand’s corporate look and feel. Additional capabilities allow firms to socialize, share, collaborate and work together on projects with their customers and external stakeholders, maximizing the investments they made in Microsoft SharePoint.

Driving Efficiencies

Through document management and workflows, Microsoft SharePoint gives businesses the power to drive efficiencies and increase productivity. SWC has created SharePoint sites that have become a place that employees want to go to collaborate on projects and initiatives. Microsoft SharePoint provides a platform for companies to quickly disseminate important information and enhance corporate communication initiatives that drive efficiencies across the board.

To learn more about how Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint consultants, SWC, can help you meet your business objectives, please join SWC for our next informative Chicago area Microsoft SharePoint event or follow Jeff Lanham on LinkedIn.

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