Effectively Managing Microsoft SharePoint

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The 2013 release of Microsoft SharePoint offers today’s workplace a powerful platform to increase company-wide communication, collaboration and workforce productivity. Watch our video below to learn more about how organizations are deploying meaningful SharePoint assets and using SWC to manage them.

Microsoft SharePoint Managed Services Chicago

Microsoft SharePoint is a very powerful and complex product that many companies need help deploying right out of the gate. As much as SWC can provide the services to get SharePoint up and running for your users, there are always going to be continual things that are going to happen to your site, where routine monitoring and maintenance services will need to be completed.

To truly manage a robust product, like SharePoint, there are all sorts of expertise your team must have. For instance, if you want to do a custom designed site you will need to be able to do HTML, CSS and all sorts of graphic design. If you need to manage the backend of your SharePoint site, you will need to know Sequel (SQL) and all types of virtualization technologies, if you’re doing that. There is also a lot of Server OS level expertise you must have. Finally, you will need to deploy new document libraries and set up permissions and so many more of the site’s features and functionalities. Basically, there are a lot of aspects into how Microsoft SharePoint actually leverages all of your company’s networking and collaboration tools and it can take a team of expert technologists to ensure optimal performance.

After the product is deployed, SWC Technology Partners’ SharePoint Managed Services offering helps those customers that need support. Our team can give you all of the expertise needed to build and maintain your SharePoint site and we can give it to you on the spot. Not only do we have a full team of Managed Services professionals who can monitor all of the services and website accessibility, but we can also help you with permissions and basic design. Our Managed Services team leverages other company-wide teams, such as our Software Solutions Group to help customers with all of the backend tweaking that needs to be completed. We also leverage our frontend designers to make sure your SharePoint site looks aesthetically pleasing so that it will increase user adoption. It’s a well-rounded team with all of the expertise needed to ensure SharePoint success.

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