Ask SWC: How Will SharePoint Make My Business More Efficient?

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We have a lot of clients that come to us asking about the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint and how they can utilize the platform to make their businesses run more efficiently. Watch my recent episode of “Ask SWC” to learn more about how Microsoft SharePoint can make your business more efficient.

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One challenge that many organizations struggle with is how to convert their worker’s experience and knowledge into organizational knowledge. Most organizations have a lot of key people doing great things for the business and documenting those efforts. Let’s say one of these key people decides to go on an extended vacation or unfortunately moves on from the company one day. How does an organization actually reuse the information that they have created?

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful productivity platform and market leading collaboration, search and content management solution. The product serves as a great place for users to organize projects, manage information and share their work with others. This is done by building repositories of information and categorizing and creating metadata. Then using SharePoint’s search capabilities, individual users are able to find exactly what they want when they want it. This eliminates time wasted continually bothering key people in the organization to ask questions like, “Hey Joe, can you send me this file or get this document back to me?” Users can just go to SharePoint, type in the keywords they want, find what they are looking for and move on with their day.

Microsoft SharePoint helps organizations overcome huge challenges by making sure everyone knows where the information they need is at all times, further enabling them to work faster, smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

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