The Microsoft SharePoint Jungle

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I have been trying to come up with a more compelling way to describe the challenges that organizations face when deploying Microsoft SharePoint. Talking about “implementation planning and design,” “organizational change management,” “user adoption” and “governance” only goes so far. What I want to do instead is “paint a picture” for people, to help them relate to something a little more tangible than those vague, conceptual phrases. I found my inspiration – where else? – on television!

When you roll out or deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2013 without the right strategy and approach, it’s kind of like stranding all of your users in a deep, dark, remote jungle. They find themselves alone in the wilderness, facing a big intimidating and potentially scary thing. All that they knew and understood is out of reach and new obstacles and challenges stand in their way. Each and every individual has to explore and conquer the unknown, in order to survive.

Maybe some of those folks are unusually adventurous and are more comfortable wielding the machete and fighting their own way through the jungle. Perhaps some are natural leaders and will help the others learn how to cope or even thrive. But, the cruel reality is that most people will simply be wandering around lost and unsure what to do about it.

What can we do to help everyone make it through the SharePoint jungle and reach their goals successfully? First, we need to hack through all the vines to create a safe and comfortable place to live. Then, we have to provide a map to help people skirt the sinkholes, avoid the predators and get to where they need to go. We need to teach them the differences between the poison berries and the ripe fruit, so they can feed themselves. And finally, we need to define some simple rules, so they can all live together in peace and harmony for the rest of their time in the jungle, until they can be saved (by the coming weekend, of course!)

All of this is without a doubt, easier said than done. But, with the right skills, tools and plans, it IS possible to save your users from the SharePoint Jungle – before they are lost forever!

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