What's New in Microsoft SharePoint 2016?

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The ability to securely store, organize and access information from any device through SharePoint is becoming increasingly more important in the daily operations of today’s modern workplaces. According to Microsoft, more than 160 million users are using SharePoint and OneDrive to improve productivity and drive down costs. Those that are using SharePoint report saving around 30 minutes per week. At around $25 an hour, that saves your business $32,500 per year!

So when Microsoft announced plans to release a new SharePoint upgrade in 2016, it is no surprise that this announcement was met with much excitement and anticipation. At last, the wait is finally over. SharePoint 2016 is here! And with it, a slew of exciting new user and hybrid capabilities.

What’s New with SharePoint 2016?

Microsoft proudly announced on March 14, 2016, their release to manufacturing (RTM) of SharePoint Server 2016. Microsoft’s goal with SharePoint 2016 was to give customers a more user-friendly version, mobile enhancements, platform improvements, and to show customers the value of Office 365 integration. By combining Office 365 Experiences with On-Premises installations, Microsoft allows organizations to adopt a unique hybrid solution that bridges the gaps between on premise and in the cloud.
SharePoint 2016 has enhanced the following features:


If your company has a lot of data, the new and improved infrastructure in SharePoint 2016 can handle it more efficiently and at a lower cost, allowing for flexible deployments and maximizing existing infrastructure.

  •  Search Index: Integration of on-premises search indexes in Office 365 and search sever application
  •  Site Collection & Sites: 5 times the increase
  •  Content Databases: Terabytes per database
  •  List Views: Higher threshold
  •  Local Content & In-Market Crawl: Upgrades are not needed (2007, 2010, 2013), the option to crawl in and market legacy versions without upgrading is a total money saver
  • Cut Costs: Since everything is hosted in Office 365, the costs of sustaining large indexes can be avoided.


Microsoft has really focused on the user experience of SharePoint 2016. From the improved mobile access (touch-based) to document storage and collaboration (people-centric)to the office 365 integration (hybrid implementation), Microsoft has clearly made user experience a top priority in this latest version of SharePoint.

  • Expanded Support: Special characters in files such as: &, ~, 128
  • Boundaries and Limits: Increased to 1TB content DB, 100 K site collection,10 GB files
  • Site Creation: Fast site collection creation over recent versions and durable links
  • Mobile: Improved touch navigation and switch to PC views
  • Library Accessibility and App Launcher: For easier app access, page landmarks, shortcuts, sharing, and on top navigation bar have been added
  • Image and Video: Improved image and video previews via hover

Compliance Features

The new compliance feature capabilities focus on greater access control and keeping information secure.

  • Compliance Tools: IRM, ID, and find sensitive content and document deletion policies
  • Encryption: SSL/TLS &SMTP encrypted connections included
  • Min Role: Specify predefined server role and servers are configured accordingly
  • Patching: In-place, online installation of patches with no downtime

Ready to Upgrade to SharePoint 2016?

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has many new features that give companies the tools they need to be more successful. Businesses are able to build effective communities, manage documents, connect with customers and coworkers, and drive efficiencies with greater ease than ever before.

If you are interested in learning more about how SharePoint 2016 can enable your business by saving time, money and ultimately transforming the way you get work done, check out our complimentary Chicagoland SharePoint luncheon or contact us and tell us more about your business needs.