SWC’s New Pivot Browser Tool Enhances Search and Navigation in SharePoint

November 10, 2010   //   SharePoint, , , , , , , , , , ,

Microsoft PivotViewer technology has generated quite a bit of buzz since its launch, and justifiably so. It’s an innovative and exciting new way to visualize thousands of objects at once, and it lets you browse through vast amounts of data and find and sort items based on file attributes and properties. The beauty lies in how it allows you to see and compare trends and easily find precisely what you’re looking for. There’s really nothing else like it out there today.

Now SWC has taken PivotViewer technology one step further. We’ve developed the SWC Pivot Browser, a custom tool that enhances the Pivot navigation experience within Microsoft SharePoint document libraries as well as other applications.

We designed the Pivot Browser to add more value to our SharePoint implementations and to provide our customers with a highly interactive, intuitive and visual way to locate and sort files in SharePoint by leveraging PivotViewer technology.

To use it, open the Pivot Browser and use the Property window to select the desired values of files you wish to locate. You can set and clear filter criteria with just one or two clicks, and there are numeric properties including a slider control that lets you set specific minimum and maximum threshold values. The Item window immediately updates to show all matching files. The graphical interface lets you view thumbnail images, along with file properties.

Once you find what you’re looking for, just double click the thumbnail and that file will open in the appropriate application. The process is leveraged within the rich graphical interface that the Silverlight PivotViewer provides.

We designed the Pivot Brower with SharePoint in mind, but it works just as effectively in a variety of applications.

There’s something almost exhilarating about using this tool to make sense of massive collections of data in such a keen, intelligent manner. PivotViewer and SWC’s Pivot Brower are a classic example of technology making our businesses more effective and our lives easier.

Check out this quick Pivot Browser demo. Let us know what you think. Or contact us if you’d like to see how IT consultants SWC can deliver more custom, innovative tools to your SharePoint and other implementations.