The SWC SharePoint Way – Part 2

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This is in continuation of last week’s “The SWC SharePoint Way” post.

Understanding Needs

In the beginning of a Microsoft SharePoint project, there is always that first stage, we call it envisioning, but it’s really defining what the solution is going to do. SWC does this in a unique way based on our SharePoint experience; it begins with knowing what kinds of questions to ask and knowing what kinds of problems SharePoint can help solve for an organization. It’s also about helping clients understand what’s possible and what SharePoint can do to help their business. Some firms go through a checklist of all of SharePoint’s features and capabilities in their envisioning process and then ask clients to pick which items they want, but if you are not living and breathing SharePoint every day, you might not fully understand the solution in its entirety, or what each of the items are and how they can help your business.

SWC’s focuses on a visual approach to SharePoint. We surface best-in-class designs and solutions in an interactive way through our envisioning process, so our clients can see how the solution works and what others have done and how the platform manifests itself into a productive tool. Then we go through a number of visual iterations to define a solution that is really going to work for them through a wireframe process or concept design process. That way we have surfaced up the skinning of a solution that everyone can agree on from the top down, that we can work towards making a functional reality.

The next part of the SWC SharePoint Way involves all of the components of SharePoint and the solution design. Since SharePoint has so many tools in the tool chest, how do you understand which one is the right one for your business needs and challenges. SWC brings all of our years of experience and hundreds of implementations to the table to guide our clients and help them understand what is the right way and most effective way to use SharePoint to solve their business problems.

Solution Design

SWC recognizes that it’s not always about how SharePoint looks; it’s also about how it performs. Our senior developers meet with clients throughout the envisioning process and provide guidance on functionality. As part of each solution design, SWC leverages our Intellectual Property and proven methodology to build a custom SharePoint solution tailored to their unique business needs.

Delivering the Promise

The third aspect is user adoption and acceptance. SWC learned a long time ago that design is a crucial part of adoption and obviously we’re focused on that, but we have also invested in training and user adoption programs that are fairly progressive to assist our clients. SharePoint has a lot of capabilities, but it’s really a platform and not a turnkey solution, so you have to build it into what you need it to be. SharePoint can be that agent for change in a business environment, but in order to get the most out of it, people need to understand how to use it and govern it. Helping users understand the solution within the context of their own environment in a training program is critical to adoption. It all comes down to change management and understanding from a business perspective how SharePoint will help users do what they need to do more effectively. SWC has learned that you can drive a lot of adoption if you have an attractive engaging environment that is solving business needs and helping users become more productive.

The final step is the SharePoint knowledge transfer. SWC ensures our clients are in tune to what we are doing throughout the build and deployment, so that they can pick up the reigns and move the SharePoint project forward. In fact, the promise of SharePoint is to empower people to do a lot more and not have to rely on IT to do certain things. Its SWC’s responsibility as we leverage our experience to help clients implement SharePoint successfully to also support them and transfer that knowledge. Ultimately, we want them to own the project, mange the solution and get the most out of it in the long run.

The SWC SharePoint Way

If you are interested in the SWC SharePoint Way, and our proven methodology, feel free to contact Elliott Baretz or Jeff Lanham  at 1-630-572-0240, to talk more about SharePoint.

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