The SWC SharePoint Way – Part 1

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The SWC SharePoint Way

SWC’s Elliott Baretz and Jeff Lanham talk about Microsoft SharePoint. SWC has been working with SharePoint since the inception of the product over ten years ago. SharePoint has come a long way since then, as there have been multiple iterations and versions of the product since 2001. Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is better than ever and SWC has seen a lot of positive reaction and adoption to Microsoft’s newest release. Still, with a robust product like SharePoint the possibilities are endless; it can do so much that it’s hard for clients to know where to begin. SWC has put together a proven methodology, through the SWC SharePoint Way to assist our customers in deploying the right SharePoint solution for their business needs.

IT Consultants SWC Sarepoint Way

The SWC SharePoint Way recognizes that there are many advantages to SharePoint, but there are also an equal amount of pitfalls, if you don’t know what you are doing when you deploy the product. Through our many years of experience, SWC has recognized that there is a prism that clients need to apply to the many different aspects of a SharePoint deployment in order to get the best return on investment, whether it’s the architecture, how it’s put together or the end user training. The SWC SharePoint Way focuses on three major areas:

  • Understanding Needs: How do we help identify what the client’s needs are and ensure that the SharePoint solution we deliver is truly what the client wants and will help them from a business perspective
  • Solution Design: Using a proven approach and methodology to structure the implementation of SharePoint
  • Delivering the Promise: At the end of the day how do you manage it, keep it healthy and ensure that everything that needs to happen happens, so you continue get the most value out of the solution in the long run

The SWC SharePoint Way – Part 2 can be accessed here.

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