Ask SWC: What Is SWC’s SharePoint Functional Discovery?

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At SWC, we talk to a lot of people that need SharePoint capabilities or want to implement an intranet or collaboration site, but aren’t exactly sure what that means. That’s why we offer a SharePoint Functional Discovery session. Watch my “Ask SWC” video to learn more.

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SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most success products and is considered by Gartner to be one of today’s marketing leading search, portal and content management solutions. The platform is so popular, that worldwide more than 135 million SharePoint licenses have been sold and nearly 80% of Fortune 500 companies are using it. Even though these are huge numbers, more than half of organizations are stalled, struggling or failing with their Microsoft SharePoint deployments and over a third of users don’t feel like they are using the platform’s full capabilities.

SWC has put together a proven methodology that assists our customers in deploying the right SharePoint solution to meet their business needs by making sure we have the right conversations during our functional discovery session. Since the platform can do so much, the SharePoint functional discovery uncovers what the solution needs to be and how a client is going to get immediate value out of the solution. Instead of just asking people what they want, the SharePoint functional discovery session truly focuses on a customer’s pain points and helps them figure out exactly how they are going to get the best ROI.

During our envisioning process, we go through best practices and examples for our SharePoint Portfolio so that the customer can see what their SharePoint environment could be and explore the solution’s numerous features and capabilities in an interactive way. They then learn how the solution works and what others have done in the past to make it a productive tool. Based on SWC’s vast experience, we also know what questions to ask to ensure the SharePoint solution we are deploying solves the organizational problems the client is currently facing.

The SWC functional discovery process is all about helping our clients understand what’s possible and what Microsoft SharePoint can do for their business. This session always ends up being a big win for both the organization’s executives and the people actually using the system.

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft SharePoint and SWC’s proven methodology, please register for our next Chicagoland Microsoft SharePoint event.

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