3 Ways to Keep Up in a Fast-paced IT World

September 28, 2010   //   SWC Technology Partners, , , , , , , , , ,

Life changes so quickly. My wife and I recently welcomed our first daughter into the world. It is unbelievable to see how fast our little one grows. To watch her change physically and intellectually from month to month is fascinating, and I cannot believe how different she is today as compared with a few months ago.

Technology also changes quickly, seemingly at the speed of light. Ten years ago, I would have never imagined that the mid-market world would have embraced technologies like Storage Area Networking (SAN), which used to be reserved exclusively for the large enterprise. Today it’s an affordable and viable solution for mid-sized companies.

I’m also thinking of turnkey server products, such as Windows Small Business Server by Microsoft which places advanced functionality, such as Active Directory, Exchange and Remote Web Workplace, within the grasp and budget of mid-sized organizations. The complexity bar is raised again!

This is what makes IT fascinating–and a double edged sword. Keeping up with all of this change can be challenging for any business. As an experienced consultant who helps clients navigate the rapid-fire changes in our industry on a daily basis, I can offer three suggestions to help make it easier.

1. Be realistic.
If everyone had unlimited time and stamina, the learning curve required to keep up with technology changes would not be a problem. But that’s simply not the case, right? So it’s important to be realistic about what your level of expertise should be on a given domain of technology. For example, if you are the IT decision maker, focus on the big picture rather than technical details of a particular solution–leave the details to your IT team or partner.

2. Leverage “distilled” research.
There are a myriad of trade magazines and industry journals out there that do the research for you, but one of my favorites is Network World. When you rely on research by authors who distill down emerging technologies and current trends, you can “get to the point” a lot faster. If a particular domain requires more research, then you can take the time to narrow your focus and dig deeper.

3. Develop a relationship with a local vendor partner.
I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a local partner that specializes in the types of vendor solutions deployed in your business. They employ subject matter experts who can offer a real-world look at your technology needs as well as best practices utilized successfully across other mid-market organizations.

If your business is feeling the strain of technology change, SWC can help. We are a team of local experts trained to stay ahead of every curve—so you can focus on your core business and more strategic IT projects. Give us a call at 630-572-0240 or email contact@swc.com today.