Manage Your Wireless Network with Aruba AirWave

April 27, 2016   //   SWC Technology Partners, ,

So you’ve upgraded your wireless network, now it is fast and reliable, and you did it at a great price (if not, see our blog on the Aruba Instant solution). You’re probably asking yourself now, how do I manage it?

Aruba AirWave to the Rescue

AirWave is a network operations system that centrally manages multi-vendor wired and wireless networks across any number of locations. That’s right, it manages more than just Aruba, it also manages switches/routers and other vendors such as Brocade, Alcatel Lucent, Dell, Juniper Networks, Cisco, Arista, and HP.

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Mobile Visibility

AirWave also offers clear visibility into the mobile device and application state with amazing detail. Import floor plans, position APs, and you get an active heatmap that can help you determine problem locations. You can even identify where clients are roaming and where they moved over the last day. These features add to the amount of useful data that support tickets often lack. You will resolve problems faster, reduce helpdesk tickets, and make better decisions regarding your wireless networks.

Configuration Management for Multiple Devices and Locations

As your environment grows, so too should your management capability. With Aruba AirWave, you can automate configuration management for 100,000 devices and monitor their status from hundreds of locations, all from a single console. This is especially useful with multiple instant clusters as they can all manage configuration changes and perform scheduled software updates.


With a per-device license cost and the ability to run as a self-contained virtual appliance (no need to purchase Windows licensing), it is incredibly cost effective for getting visibility into your wireless and wired networks.

SWC Wireless Network Management Solutions

Here at SWC, we specialize at implementing wireless solutions in a variety of different industries. If you’d like to learn more about how Aruba AirWave can help you managed your wireless network, contact us today.