Speed Up Your Network with Aruba Instant Wireless Access Point

April 26, 2016   //   SWC Technology Partners,

As technology continues to evolve, the number of wireless devices are growing. These devices need reliable and fast connectivity for users and are often located in environments where Wireless LAN solutions have not kept up with modern standards. Cost, complexity, and time to implement have been some of the greatest barriers preventing existing wireless networks from keeping up with hordes of new high speed devices that are constantly requesting wireless connectivity.

Enter Aruba Instant to the Rescue.

Aruba Instant is a controller-less Wireless LAN solution that is easy to use and incredibly fast, with access point speeds ranging from 867 Mbps to 1,733 Mbps! This level of speed, combined with Aruba’s Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology, offers an incredibly reliable high-speed and cost effective solution.

If speed and reliability wasn’t enough, Aruba Instant also has low cost barriers to entry:

  1. No controller hardware to buy, so you save thousands of dollars per site!
  2. No appliance to install and maintain: with less hardware installed, there is less rack space consumed, less electricity consumed, and no time spent on maintaining a separate appliance
  3. Streamlined and simple maintenance from a single web console (No need for a wireless expert on staff to update)
  4. No recurring subscription fees for a centralized non-controller solution.

You also get a level of investment protection. Mix and match any Aruba Instant APs. Do you need higher density? Just purchase a higher density AP. Do you need exterior or wall mount APs, just add them into the same Instant cluster. All of your configurations will sync from the Instant controller with little implementation effort! You also have the ability to add in a hardware based controller at a later time and flip all of your APs to it. This is a feature that many competitors do not have, forcing you to repurchase ALL of your APs!

As of today, some customers are eligible to receive 5-for-3 pricing usable up to two times! That is 10 APs for the price of 6, 4 for free! If there has ever been a time to upgrade to the high-speed AC wireless standards, that time is now.

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