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Beers with Brad was live again on Friday, May 10! The show introduced a new format which features CIOs discussing their careers, ventures, and the exciting technology projects they are working on. This gives viewers the unique opportunity to view a day in the life of a CIO and learn more about innovative technology solutions that are having the greatest impact on mid-market businesses. Watch this week’s episode featuring Vito Trifiletti, CIO of Preferred Meal Systems.

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Roger Adamson, Beer and Spirits Specialist at Binny’s Beverage Depot in Willowbrook was back to discuss beer with Brad Ellison, Consultant and Engagement Manager at IT consulting firm, SWC and Vito Trifiletti, CIO at Preferred Meal Systems. Roger sampled two beers on this show, the Bottom Up Wit from Revolution Brewing Company and the Domaine Dupage from Two Brothers Brewing Company. The Bottom Up Wit is brewed with orange peels and coriander, a brewing spice, and pairs well with warmer weather since it is a great thirst quencher. Two Brothers Brewing Company started out as a home brew shop until it became quite popular and decided to launch as a company. The Domaine Dupage is great to have at dinner and paired with a more “fancy” meal.

After the beer discussion, Brad and Vito had the opportunity to discuss what it’s like to be the CIO at Preferred Meal Systems and all of the new technologies they are implementing. Preferred Meal Systems is a leading provider of meal solutions for more than 40 years, with clients ranging from schools to airlines and senior living facilities. As CIO, Vito is the company’s technology leader and gets to works with every business function from sales to marketing to supply chain, logistics and finance completing both operational tasks and strategic technology projects as well. He frequently meets with senior executives to help work through the business challenges they are facing and help them use technology to improve their operations, standardize processes and set up workflows. The company also does a lot of work with the Microsoft stack, particularly Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Exchange to help drive business results.

Some of the game changing technologies Preferred Meals Systems is implementing for their customers include a new online menu system. SWC Technology Partners digital design and software solutions teams are currently completing this project, which will give parents the ability to check their child’s lunch menu and its nutritional values while on the go, using their mobile devices. The company also uses numerous technologies daily to keep all of their products organized and maintained, such as voice directed warehousing. This innovative solution allows warehouse workers to wear a headset, so their hands are free while a computer talks helping them sort, maintain and find cases. Watch this week’s episode of Beers with Brad or head over to PreferredMealySystems.com to hear more about this technology and many others that Vito and his team have been working on.

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