The Business Benefits of the Consumerization of IT

November 13, 2012   //   SWC Technology Partners, , , , , , ,

Everyone is talking about the consumerization of IT or the tendency for new information technology to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business organizations. There are many business benefits to the consumerization of IT, as employees continue to BYOD and use their own consumer devices at work, whether it’s smartphones, tablets, their own laptops, or the Cloud. Let’s start with the business benefits of the Cloud. It requires (a lot) less capital to develop, distribute and market software over the Cloud than the prior traditional models. This has led to massive innovation and a significantly broader set of solutions for the business end user. The Cloud provides the ability for software and solution developers to incrementally and rapidly enhance their software and applications based on immediate “online/community” feedback. The result is a solution that rapidly improves in performance. Prior models required users to wait until “the next release” of a product, which was inefficient and slowed down business productivity.

Perhaps, the most integral part of business productivity is the users. Through the consumerization of IT, users have the ability to pick the tools they need to be the most productive. They are no longer hampered by what IT gives them or have to rely on a long, drawn out enterprise selection processes. Consumerization leads users to a greater adoption of IT, which leads to greater communication, collaboration and productivity. This ensures the business runs more efficiently. Today, part of this story is the new Modern Office experience brought to us by the Microsoft Surface tablet and Windows 8. Now all of your users can access all of their business applications (CRM, Office, SharePoint, SQL, etc.) anytime, anyway synced with all of their devices through Sky Drive in the Cloud, on a tablet. This is dramatically changing the way we work. We are more productive and connected than ever before (for better or worse), as our device (our work) is with us all the time.

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