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The second episode of Beers with Brad aired on Friday, March 15th. During this live show, our host Brad Ellison and his guests discussed beer and had a throw down between the Microsoft Surface Tablet and Apple iPad. Beers with Brad is a live technical happy hour that airs on select Fridays at 4 PM. This interactive show explores various technologies while viewers tweet in all of their questions and have them answered live on the show by expert IT consultants!

Watch this week’s episode of Beers with Brad to hear the answers and learn more about the Microsoft Surface Tablet and Apple iPad.

Wach Beers With Brad

This week, Roger Adamson, Beers and Spirits Specialist from Binny’s Beverage Depot in Willowbrook, was back to discuss Beers with Brad. To get us all ready for St. Patrick’s Day, he brought three festive beers to be sampled by Brad on the show, they were Magnums Hard Cider, Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale and Victory HopDevil Indian Pale Ale. Brad then rated the beers, giving Magnums Hard Cider a 7.5 out of 10, Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale a 9 out of 10 and Victory HopDevil an 8 out of 10.

For the technology portion of the show, Brad and his guests, SWC consultants – Elliott Baretz, Jeff Lanham, Mark Johnson and Noah Mattern, discussed the Microsoft Surface Tablet and the Apple iPad. The guests provided viewpoints from each side comparing both the pros and cons of each device. The Microsoft Surface Tablet earned two points for the integration of Microsoft products and great business use. The Apple iPad earned four points and proved to be the best tablet for its ease of use, popularity and use outside the office. Viewers tweeted in their questions live on the show, some that were answered included: “Which tablet are your clients using more often, the Surface or iPad?” and “Which tablet gives you the better bang for your buck?”

Please join us for our next Beers with Brad show on Friday, April 12th at 4 PM (CST), click here to sign up! Don’t forget to tweet @SWCTechPartners all of your questions for Brad and his guests to answer live on the show.

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