Kids Say The Darndest Things…About SWC

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We invited some very special guests to our office to see what they had to say about SWC and our solutions. Watch our video below to find out what kids are saying about SWC Technology Partners.

What Kids Think About SWC

At IT consulting firm, SWC, we serve mid-market companies, helping them define, deploy and support technology solutions. We specialize in the following solutions:

Microsoft SharePoint: SWC has been working with Microsoft SharePoint since the inception of the product, deploying hundreds of SharePoint solutions in dozens of industries. Microsoft SharePoint helps our clients collaborate, communicate and manage documents and workflows. Our kids said that sharing was very important and if you have more of something than someone else, you should share with them.

Business Intelligence: SWC helps its clients gather and analyze data helping them make better business decisions. SWC has developed robust analysis solutions for multiple industries, including real estate, consumer product marketing, transportation and finance. When asked what Business Intelligence is, our kids got it right. They knew business intelligence was something that makes businesses work better.

Virtual Database Administrator (VDBA): SWC helps its clients get the most of their SQL database through its Virtual DBA program, by offering extraordinary database expertise without an extraordinary increase to the payroll. Our kids weren’t so sure about this one!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): CRM solutions help SWC clients sell, manage and service their customers more effectively. SWC has extensive experience customizing and deploying and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When asked about CRM, our kids knew it was important to be good to your customers and keep them happy.

Microsoft System Center: SWC specializes in deploying System Center for mid-market organizations. Technology has a lot of moving parts and SWC clients leverage Microsoft System Center to put things in order. Our kids said that Microsoft System Center is a center for systems and makes computers work.

Virtualization: Through virtualization, SWC clients operate multiple servers on single hardware units reducing the need for space, power and administrative overhead. SWC specializes in the design and deployment of Microsoft Hyper V, VMware and Citrix virtualization solutions. Our kids suggested this makes things more virtual on a computer.

Microsoft Windows: Over 90% of all desktops run Microsoft Windows as their operating system. Almost 50% of all desktops will upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 in the next twelve months. Our kids knew all about Microsoft and that it is a program that people create things from.

Unified Communications: Unified Communications is the consolidation of telephony, email, voicemail, calendaring, Instant Messaging (IM) and web conferencing in one system. SWC leverages Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync as the cornerstone of its Unified Communications solution. Our kids were very familiar with communicating through group chat, texting and Facebook.

Managed Services: Many SWC clients want to focus on their own business and not the technology that surrounds it. SWC teams with these organizations by providing 24/7 IT monitoring and support, which includes patching and updating, remediation and repair, remote and onsite services and strategic planning. Our kids said that Managed Services is when people do things for you and they were right!

Web Design and SEO: Human beings decide if they like something in 1/10 of a second. Websites have to look good and be easy to use. SWC digital marketing specializes in WordPress, SharePoint design and Search Engine Optimizations. Our favorite SWC pet had no comment on this.

To learn more about the SWC solutions mentioned, please join us for our next Chicago area event.