Proactive Wireless Monitoring with Aruba Clarity

April 28, 2016   //   SWC Technology Partners, ,

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how many clients your wireless network can handle, or how much the underlying infrastructure can support?

Many administrators are plagued with these questions and have a hard time describing or planning out capabilities. Fortunately, Aruba has a solution with a new product called Clarity.

Clarity is a new module that interacts with Aruba AirWave to deliver powerful and intuitive forensics, allowing IT teams to anticipate and quickly resolve connectivity problems before the user is affected.

With Aruba Clarity, AirWave can monitor a broad set of metrics proactively, including:

  • The time it takes for a mobile device to associate with a Wi-Fi radio
  • The time it takes to authenticate to a RADIUS server
  • The time it takes obtain an IP address through DHCP
  • The time it takes to resolve names for DNS services

Clarity easily places this information in a simple, user-friendly dashboard like the one you see below.


In broader terms, Clarity allows you to see the health of your wireless environment by aggregating data and providing percentages that are color coded.


This makes it easy to quickly identify issues. If you are an administrator that isn’t in a monitoring console all the time, Clarity can alert you based on various thresholds, keeping you informed and in-the-know.


Proactive Network Monitoring

Clarity gives administrators the power to gather information beyond the traditional data of client connect and roaming, with simulated access point tests that are run on demand or on a schedule. You can now test your network proactively rather than wait for issues to arise and react, preventing downtimes and outages before they occur. This technology makes it possible for large organizations such as universities and venues to artificially test capacity prior to an event or class beginning. This way, they would be able prepare ahead of time in order to prevent thousands of disconnected clients.

The Clarity module is coming soon and allows for integration with the new AirWave 8.2 release. Expect other AirWave enhancements such as:

  • Detailed information on the amount of airtime wasted on web content that has been assigned a lower priority category and reputation
  • VisualRF updates that allow for time-lapse visualization of Wi-Fi coverage for up to 24 hours

SWC Wireless Network Solutions

Here at SWC, we are really excited about these new management and proactive capabilities. If you are interested in learning more about proactive wireless monitoring, we can help you develop an implementation a solution to fit your needs. Contact us to discover how easy it is to manage your wireless networks.

Note: As of this writing the module and new Airwave 8.2 has not been released. All images are taken directly from Aruba demos, videos, or slide shows. Actual delivered product may change.