Silicon City Featuring Chicago Startup TransitChatter

May 29, 2013   //   SWC Technology Partners, , , , ,

IT consulting firm, SWC Technology Partners premieres another exciting episode of Silicon City featuring TransitChatter. Silicon City is a bi-weekly web show focusing on the Chicago startup community. Previously, Silicon City has featured Ox&Pen, Cheeky Chicago and UrbanBuddy. Tune in to this week’s episode featuring Co-Founders Samuel Pro and David Rogers of Chicago’s TransitChatter.

SWC TV Presents Silicon City Featuring UrbanBuddy

On this week’s episode of Silicon City, host Elliott Baretz, Vice President of Business Development and head of Digital Design services at SWC discusses growing startup TransitChatter with Samuel Pro and David Rogers. TransitChatter is a mobile application that makes Chicago’s transit system a fun social experience. The application gives riders the ability to “connect to each other, the system, businesses and events that they pass by every day,” said Samuel. This unique mobile application allows riders to talk to each other and get local deals for the stops they are headed too. TransitChatter was built to enhance the experience for commuters on public transportation.

Being entrepreneurs came naturally for Samuel and David, who have extensive knowledge in digital design, coding and mobile application development. The idea of TransitChatter came after the realization that people were “missing out on a lot of opportunities and things to do,” said Samuel, “We use technology to address these problems.” David, who has a design background and Samuel, who has a technology background used their knowledge to create the UI design and development of the first mobile application. “I created the native versions of the iOS and Android for TransitChatter and it talks to Sam’s code,” said David. They outsourced their IT, when developing the Android mobile version, which later helped them create a better application through their own coding and design.

Currently, TransitChatter has 650 daily unique users and 80 paying businesses. Samuel and David have big plans for the future and expect these numbers to grow rapidly throughout 2013. If you are interested in learning more about TransitChatter download their free mobile application or head over to TransitChatter.

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