Silicon City Featuring Hunter Hillenmeyer Of OverDog

September 13, 2013   //   SWC Technology Partners, , , ,

IT Consulting Firm, SWC Technology Partners, announces a new episode of Silicon City featuring former Chicago Bears player, Hunter Hillenmeyer. Silicon City is a web show focusing on the startup community in Chicago. Watch this week’s episode featuring Founder/President of OverDog, Hunter Hillenmeyer discussing his startup and transition from a professional football player to a business owner.

Silicon City Featuring Hunter Hillenmeyer Of OverDog

On this week’s episode of Silicon City, Elliott Baretz, Vice President of Business Development and head of Digital Marketing at SWC discusses growing startup OverDog with Hunter Hillenmeyer. OverDog connects fans with their favorite athletes on Xbox and PlayStation. Athletes create challenges on their mobile phone which are sent out to fans, allowing them to play one-on-one.

Headquartered in Nashville Tennessee, OverDog is a growing platform with roughly 200 athletes using the mobile app. The app allows fans to have a more personal connection with players and players to connect with fans on a different level. “A huge portion of athletes go home and spend hours every day playing video games. That is a behavior that they share with their fans,” stated Hunter. “Athletes are young, they have a ton of free time, they have a lot of disposable income and relative to the general population, they are uber competitive. That set of features makes them perfect candidates to be gamers.”

Hunter took off his helmet in early 2011 to pursue a MBA at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and eventually became part of OverDog. “I was never planning on making a career out of football, which gave me the advantage of always trying to figure out what was next and put myself in the best position to capitalize on that. Which is why I went to business school in the first place,” said Hunter. “I went to Kellogg in a serious of off seasons while I was playing. I think a lot of steps, perhaps that I unwittingly took, made the transition out of the game a lot easier.” When asked what he missed most about the game, Hunter added, “I don’t miss the physicality of it. I miss the team, the guys and the locker room culture. I miss Sundays and that competitive rush of a Sunday NFL football game.”

This fall, OverDog plans to market their app more and equip athletes to promote OverDog further. The next time you game, be sure to check out OverDog to play against your favorite player.

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