Silicon City Featuring Rob Chesney Of Chicago’s Trunk Club

August 8, 2013   //   SWC Technology Partners, , , , ,

IT Consulting Firm, SWC Technology Partners releases another episode of Silicon City. Silicon City gives viewers an inside look at the startup community in Chicago. Guests in the past have included many exciting companies and people such as Cheeky Chicago, Sarah Hatter and Peter Liu. Watch this week’s episode to get an inside look at Trunk Club, one of the largest growing startups in Chicago.

SWC Silicon City Trunk Club

On this week’s episode, host Elliott Baretz, Vice President of Business Development and head of Digital Design Services at SWC and Rob Chesney, Chief Operating Officer at Trunk Club discuss Trunk Club and the Chicago startup scene. Trunk Club is set out to solve the problem behind the men’s shopping experience. “What we really set out to do was design experiences tailored to how a guy might like to shop,” said Rob. Trunk Club makes it simple for customers to have a quick, simple shopping experience that gives them exactly what they want and leaves them wanting more.

“Customers sign up for our service, we then assign them a stylist, a real human being who connects with them and learns more about their needs and wants and deliver custom solutions to them in terms of building their wardrobe,” stated Rob. But, Trunk Club has a lot more to offer. “If you’re in Chicago, you can come into Trunk Club. Your stylist will hand pick outfits for you, you can have a drink at our bar, your stylist will walk you through what they picked out and you can have this really great non retail fun experience.”

Behind the scenes, Trunk Club is more than just stylists and clothes. Data is constantly being collected to improve the customer experience making information technology a very important part of Trunk Club’s business model. “This business only scales if we can build the right software and technology,” said Rob. Currently Trunk Club uses customer relationship management (CRM) system to connect with customers and gain vital information. “Salesforce has been a phenomenal partner to the business,” stated Rob. “We use Salesforce in lots of different ways across our business. One of the core ways is around their CRM product. We also have built a lot of tools to help assist our stylists and customers.”

Trunk club is a little over 3 ½ years old and is growing rapidly. Their positive atmosphere and fun culture proves to be moving them forward. The next time you are in Chicago make sure to check out Trunk Club to get fitted by a stylist, have a drink at the bar or enjoy the views from their rooftop patio. To learn more about Trunk Club, download their mobile application or head over to

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