Silicon City Featuring Sarah Hatter of CoSupport

July 25, 2013   //   SWC Technology Partners, , , , ,

IT consulting firm, SWC Technology Partners showcases another episode of Silicon City! Silicon City highlights the startup community in Chicago by interviewing various startups and people involved in the technology scene. Watch this week’s episode featuring Sarah Hatter, Founder and CEO of CoSupport.

SWC Silicon City CoSupport

On this week’s episode of Silicon City, host Elliott Baretz, Vice President of Business Development and head of Digital Design Services at SWC discuss why it’s so important to have great customer service with Sarah Hatter, CEO and Founder of CoSupport. CoSupport offers expert customer support training for web and mobile applications with a goal to make the web better customer by customer.

The tech scene is growing at a rapid pace in Chicago and many companies are unsure how to provide customer support and connect with their customers. CoSupport uses a variety of facets including speaking engagements and executive training to help clients with all of their customer support needs. “Customer support is part of your marketing” said Sarah. You have to remember, all customers “have a say and they can do it so quickly.” With mobile applications, such as Yelp, customers can now write bad reviews in seconds. Many companies need to be aware and able to provide support for their customers.

“We have golden rules of how to start providing customer support,” said Sarah. “You need to use an actual help desk, not just email. You also need to have help and educational sections to help eliminate the need of someone at the other end of the phone or email. This starts with educational material, how to videos and searchable help sections with screenshots that someone does not have to speak English to see how it works. Beyond that, training people with great language how to respond to customers and teach the mechanics of triaging, prioritizing and how to report bug recognition. This is not stuff that there is any school for, you can’t get a degree in how to speak to any developer.”

Sarah started this company after working in technology for several years and the realization of the need for customer support. She says her passion in customer support “comes from a place of such internal rage about the state of how customers are treated in our world right now.” Sarah’s goal is to create a great support system by humanizing the interaction between companies and their customers. To learn more about CoSupport head over to

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