SWC’s 2013 Tech Trends Poll

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In the past, IT consulting firm, SWC has surveyed Mid-Market IT and business executives, hoping to gather valuable insights on the trends, tactics and technologies that are creating the most impact on their businesses. Watch our 2013 tech trends video to view the results of our most recent poll.
SWC Technology Trends Survey

Video Commentary & Survey Results

Recently, we sent out a survey to Midwest, midmarket IT and business leaders and asked them how their organizations viewed the Cloud. It’s a topic that we’re all thinking about and trying to understand – how big this thing has become and we learned a few things.

Specifically, we asked, from a disaster recovery perspective – how many of you are using the cloud as an option and we learned that almost 10% of you are using it as a solution. Interesting enough, we learned that nearly 25% of you did not have a Disaster Recovery solution. This may be noteworthy as those folks move to implementing a Disaster Recovery solution; we may see the cloud number going up. Other findings included nearly 40% of you have your Disaster Recovery solution located in a dedicated Disaster Recovery site and a little over 26% of you have it hosted with a third party provider.

The other question that we asked was relative to infrastructure – how many of you are leveraging the cloud to manage your infrastructure? What we found was that a little over 70% are still have their entire infrastructure on premise, with nearly 30% having some form of cloud based infrastructure, whether that’s private, public or in between.

Finally we asked how many of us are using the cloud to host, enable or manage applications and that number seems to be lower than the others, it’s about 13%. But these are massive implementations if we think about it – big enterprise applications that were built on-premise that have moved to a cloud based environment, such as Amazon or Azure.

As with all elements of the cloud we think that attrition plays a role, so as technologies become old and dated and investments need to be made, those investments will be made in the cloud. So today we have a number, but we think that number is going to grow into the cloud.

This poll has provided some interesting information that has to do with what’s going on today in our marketplace. If you have any thoughts in terms of what trends you would like us to talk about in our next poll, let us know by emailing contact@swc.com. We look forward to getting more results to you in the future.

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Additional insights from our survey can be found below:

SWC Tech Trends Survey Charts
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