SWC Featured On Telemundo National News Broadcast Discussing Google Glass

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Last week, SWC Engineer Gonzalo Escarrá was featured on Telemundo’s national evening news broadcast discussing Google Glass. The product, which was at one time sold only to a limited audience was available to the masses on April 15th, but only for the day.

Check out the segment below.

Gonzalo Escarra SWC Technology Partners Telemundo Taping

Telemundo English Translation –

Google Glass Sold in the U.S

Google Glass was sold in a limited way and by the end of the year will be available for all.

Jose Diaz-Balart, Anchor: For the first time and only for the day, Google Glass was on sale to the public. These technological glasses, which according to many may change the future of mankind. They are like glasses but with a video camera and that sort of thing. Well, Janet Rodriguez has all the details.

[Revolutionary Technology]

Janet Rodríguez, Reporter: The eyeglass looking to reinvent the world of wearable technology is for sale for $1,500. To Adrian Fernandez, it’s the ideal device to document your trip.

Adrian Fernandez, Interviewee: [I would use Google Glass to] take lots of videos while I’m sightseeing, among other things and take pictures. It seems very comfortable for that.

Janet Rodríguez, Reporter: The eyeglass will sell only for a day, through the internet and in limited quantities. Now with more than 10,000 users since its promotion hit the market in 2012.

[Gonzalo Escarrá –SWC Technology Partners Engineer]

Gonzalo Escarrá, SWC Engineer: It’s like a phone that is integrated into your eye. It’s a little screen that has been placed to a lens. Once you get the Google Glass, you can send a text message or are able to see directions.

Janet Rodríguez, Reporter: Records video, takes pictures and connects to social networks with a voice command. Technology revolutionized without precedent. This surgeon in Chicago used it to check the patient’s x-rays without deviating from the operating table. While this young lady is part of a program to help people with disabilities to create memories, through Google Glass, before thought of as impossible.

[Janet Rodríguez Chicago, Illinois]
For now, like every new toy, the curiosity of the unknown and a little fun is what attracts the use of these glasses.

Janet Rodríguez, Reporter: In this Chicago hotel, it offers guests to explore the city. Today they have ordered a second pair, technology that brings a lot of controversy. Many fear Google Glass may be an invasion of privacy.
And this woman in San Diego was given a citation for driving while wearing the glasses.

Gonzalo Escarrá, SWC Engineer: It’s a first generation product. It has some flaws, some problems. But the idea is to get the product to market and see how it works, attract interest.

Woman, Interviewee: $1,500 seems excessive. It is also true that everything starts off expensive and then over time prices lower and normalize a bit.

Janet Rodríguez, Reporter: So many will wait for the future to see if it sticks and becomes the new technology fury.

In Chicago, Janet Rodriguez Telemundo.

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