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Last week, one of SWC’s Engineers was featured on Telemundo’s national evening news broadcast to discuss recent events regarding the Target data breach and CEO’s apology. The infiltration affected millions of customers, as cyber hackers forced their way into Target’s system, gaining access to credit and debit card information. Click on the photo to watch the interview (in Spanish) or read the video transcription below.
Gonzalo Escarra SWC Technology Partners Telemundo Taping

Telemundo English Translation –

“Director de Target Ofrece Disculpas” – “CEO of Target Offers Apology”

Maria Celeste Arrarás, Anchor: Executive Director of the Target Company spoke exclusively with our sister network, NBC, and apologized for the infiltration of dozens of customers who ended up in the hands of cyber hackers.

Jose Diaz-Balart, Anchor: Mari, just this weekend the department store chain Neiman Marcus announced that they were also victims of this crime. Janet Rodriguez with details.

[Filtration of Information]

Janet Rodriguez, Reporter: Yesenia Rangel said that a purchase at Target caused her a big headache.

[Yesenia Rangel was affected by the theft of information]

Yesenia Rangel, Interviewee: I was sent an email telling me that it was one of the cards found at Target.

Janet Rodriguez, Reporter: She and millions more were affected by information leakage occurred at the end of last year. Today for the first time, the person in charge of the company gave an apology.

[Gregg Steinhafel, CEO of Target]

Gregg Steinhafel, CEO: I am personally very sorry that this whole thing happened.

Janet Rodriguez, Reporter: He says he is personally sorry for what happened. The investigation into the theft of over 100 million customers’ credit and debit card information of Target continues.

Gregg Steinhafel, CEO: What we do know there was a malware installed on our….

Janet Rodriguez, Reporter: What is known now, says the Executive Director, is that the cash registers were infected with a cyber-virus is known as malware.

[Gonzalo Escarrá, SWC Technology Partners Engineer]

Gonzalo Escarrá, SWC Engineer: A program specifically designed to cause harm or spy system information.

Janet Rodriguez, Reporter: In a letter, Democrats in financial services committee of the lower house, called on Republicans to conduct a hearing in Congress about what happened to Target. Meanwhile, the luxurious department store, Neiman Marcus, has also announced that cyber pirates attacked their system. They have not revealed how many customers may have been affected.

Gonzalo Escarrá, SWC Engineer: When you have physical access to the cash register or computer systems, one can insert a device into the computer it infects.

Janet Rodriguez, Reporter: It would be surprising for many more to affirm allegedly being hacked. So far, Macy’s and Wal-Mart companies have ensured that their customers do not have to worry about. Meanwhile, the CEO of Target says they have already removed malware from their cash registers and ensures implementation of a new technology to protect themselves from theft.

[Janet Rodriguez, Reporter – Chicago, IL]

Janet Rodriguez, Reporter: Some customers tell us they have now lost all confidence in Target after this incident and ensure that there will be no security measure that can be implemented to make them pay by card.

Yesenia Rangel, Interviewee: I no longer trust Target to buy with a card, anymore. No more.

Janet Rodriguez, Reporter: Many say not it’s not worth the uncertainty and will spare themselves by paying cash.

In Chicago, Janet Rodríguez, Telemundo