SWC TV Announces New Show: Silicon City Featuring Ox&Pen

April 18, 2013   //   SWC Technology Partners, , ,

SWC Technology Partners announces our new web show, Silicon City. Silicon City focuses on the exciting startup scene in Chicago. Each show features a different local startup giving them the unique opportunity to talk about their company, endeavors and experiences, and pitch their product. Check out this week’s episode of Silicon City featuring Andrew Gluck, Founder and CEO of Ox&Pen.

SWC TV Presents Silicon City Featuring Chicago's OX & Pen

On this week’s show, Silicon City host Elliott Baretz, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at SWC and Andrew Gluck discuss the nature of being a startup located in Chicago. Ox&Pen is a loyalty reward program for local shops and restaurants. Their mobile application lets you check in, earn points and share locations with your friends, offering users the ability to promote and gain rewards at all businesses in the Ox&Pen network.

Andrew Gluck stays true to his Chicago roots, is a loyal Cubs fan and continually pursues the Chicago startup scene. “There is great energy here in Chicago,” said Andrew. “Chicago is becoming a hub (for startups) and I’m excited to be part of that.” With 1871 and an emerging startup community full of active venture capitalists, Chicago is a great location to launch a new business.

“We have the right team in place and we are excited for what’s ahead,” said Andrew. The Ox&Pen team includes many young and ambitious individuals who believe in the company and are focused on its success. Part of their business strategy includes recognizing their team’s strengths and outsourcing tasks that can get in the way. The Ox&Pen team currently consists of determined sales professionals and social media experts, but they outsource their information technology, for web design and application development to maintain their prestigious look and feel. The mobile application is now on its 9th version, continually being updated and improved since its launch in April 2012. To learn more about Ox&Pen download their free mobile application or head over to oxandpen.com.

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