New Silicon City Featuring UrbanBuddy

May 16, 2013   //   SWC Technology Partners, , , , , ,

IT consulting firm, SWC Technology Partners releases another episode of Silicon City featuring UrbanBuddy. Silicon City is a bi-weekly web show that gives Chicago startups the ability to pitch their product, and viewers an inside look of their company and strategies. Watch this week’s episode of Silicon city featuring Paul Brogna, Co-Founder and Global Director and Pete Stam, Co-Founder and Managing Director, of UrbanBuddy.

SWC TV Presents Silicon City Featuring UrbanBuddy

On this week’s show, Silicon City host Elliott Baretz, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at SWC, Paul Brogna and Pete Stam sit down to discuss UrbanBuddy. UrbanBuddy is a mobile application that creates on-demand answers for travelers. A network of local experts support travelers every request through the mobile application or in person. UrbanBuddy’s mobile application has a convenient interface that makes it simple to ask a local expert their favorite place to eat, dance or do anything.

Paul and Pete have been traveling around the world for many years now. They both realized the need for this application after studying abroad in Barcelona. The goal of UrbanBuddy is to “connect somebody to a local for the local experience,” stated Paul. To ensure brand trust, Pete and Paul have “invested a lot of money and time into the people who are actually on the ground. We see that as a pillar of what UrbanBuddy is, a local network of people…really making sure they are the best,” said Pete. “The spirit of the brand is all about the people,” stated Paul.

UrbanBuddy is currently located in six cities and expanding rapidly. These cities include: Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, New York, Chicago and Mexico City. Currently, Pete and Paul are creating awareness of UrbanBuddy through people and local businesses. Since the show, the UrbanBuddy mobile application has been launched for iOS devices. The next time you find yourself traveling to one of these cities, make sure you reach out to an UrbanBuddy for all your local needs.

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