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Net neutrality is a big topic that will affect many organizations. IT solutions provider, SWC, wants to know what mid-market professionals think. Watch our recent video blog to learn more. Net neutrality… where do you stand?

SWC Technology Partners - Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the principle that all content running through the Internet’s pipes should be treated equally. On April 23rd the FCC announced new proposed rules that would give Internet service providers the “right to build special lanes” that allow content providers to pay for a guaranteed fast lane of service. On May 15th the FCC decided to consider two options regarding Internet services:

  1. Permit fast and slow broadband lanes, compromising net neutrality
  2. Reclassify broadband as a telecommunication service, preserving net neutrality

Today the FCC is seeking public comment on how best to protect and promote an open Internet. It is a big topic and SWC wants to know what mid-market professionals think.

“I think net neutrality is a very core issue and open Internet is pretty critical, it levels the playing field for new companies to come in and compete against large competitors, drives innovation and opens up information for people. To limit the limit the Internet or at least direct and optimum access of consumers to all of the Internet would allow people to buy preferential treatment which would completely eliminate that open field playing model that has made the Internet so great.” – Matt, Director of IT

“I think net neutrality is extremely worrying and has some very worrying implications and very chilling effects on freedom of speech and the freedom of expression online. I am all in favor of ISPs being treated as common carriers. I do not believe that traffic should be allowed to be prioritized in the fashion that a lot of people think is going to happen.” – Shane, IT Manager

“A problem that I see in our country is that the little people don’t have a voice and the Internet has always provided that voice no matter what form you wanted to have it, freedom of speech is very important and the fact that you have the ability to use that tool freely. I belong to a lot of different groups where their message has to get out from a not-for-profit standpoint and not-for-profits don’t have this ability to spend a lot of money on maximizing their message to the world because that is not the basis for a not-for-profit, they are using that money for whatever organizational goals that they have. So to say that they cannot necessarily be as competitive online impacts them tremendously.” – Julie, Computer Operations Manager

“I think net neutrality is very important and I think we need to maintain it. Don’t allow money to equal free speech.” – Bo, Senior Support Specialist

“Protecting net neutrality should be one of the FCC’s utmost priorities, they have to ignore the influx of cash from lobbyist and the big ISPs that are pushing for a premium Internet and listen to the rampant outcry of technologists and consumers alike who are clamoring for a neutral Internet.” – Matt, Director of IT

“I think people should really take it upon themselves to be informed about net neutrality. It’s a huge issue and it affects a lot more people than people seem to think it does. Take five, ten or 15 minutes and Google it, net neutrality and see what people are saying about it. There’s a wealth of information about it available now. Do a little homework, try to read articles from varied sources and get both sides of the story. I think it is very important for anyone who uses the Internet regularly, which let’s be honest is everyone, or almost everyone. Those numbers are not going down, it’s a very important issue for people to know about.” – Shane, IT Manager

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