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Customer or user enablement training is a really important element of any technology implementation. This is often overlooked by customers and something most consulting firms don’t offer. Instead of just putting a technology solution in place and hoping the investment pays off, SWC offers user enablement training to ensure our customers are finding success and user adoption with the new technology solutions we implement. Watch this week’s episode of ‘Ask SWC’ to learn more about how user enablement training can benefit your organization and sets SWC apart from the competition.

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Customer enablement is a really important element in any technology implementation, whether it’s Microsoft Business Intelligence, CRM, SharePoint, Unified Communications or any other technology solution. At SWC we actually offer this as a benefit to our customers through our consulting services, which is something unusual that we’ve found most consulting firms don’t do. Instead of just putting a solution in place and hoping the investment pays off, SWC adds that “extra bonus” of communication planning, training planning and user adoption planning. We roll all of this into a service or term we call user enablement training.

The first step is communication planning and it is really critical to the success of any project. Most customers actually forget about this step and then, once the solution is rolled out to their users, they wish they would have provided more information or communication at the beginning of the project to ensure its success and user adoption. At SWC, we try to get our customers thinking about this early on in the project, so that we can get users excited about the new technology investment the organization is making and ensure it will be adopted. SWC’s years of experience creating communication planning and user enablement programs, ensures our customer’s communication plans are written well and designed properly.

Once the solution has been deployed and put in place, we begin our user enablement training program, so that the customer and users actually know how to use the solution, further making sure the technology investment pays off. Our solution takes a technology project from just a check list of – “Yes, we implemented this solution for our users,” to a really great check list of – “Yes, we put this technology in place and our users actually using it and being more productive and finding success with it.”

By engaging SWC in customer or user enablement training an organization will receive communication planning upfront, an end user training program that might go on after the solution has been put in place and then finally our best practices for basic user adoption programs and a proven methodology on how to get your users excited about the solution. We want users to want to use it and feel like the organization has given them a new solution to enable them to do their jobs better.

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