Ask SWC: What Are Some Cool Microsoft Lync Features?

November 22, 2013   //   Unified Communications, , , ,

Let’s say you’re on an important phone call at your desk and you want to move to a conference room to gain a little more privacy. The best thing about Microsoft Lync is that you don’t have to schedule a room ahead of time or even leave the call. Watch this week’s episode of ‘Ask SWC’ to learn more about this cool new feature and how it is helping our customers communicate.

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With Microsoft Lync you don’t have to schedule the conference ahead of time to get a little more privacy when you are on a call. All you have to do is walk over to the conference room and if it has a Lync phone, just search for the phone in the contacts area of your Lync menu and transfer the call. It’s fast, easy and will save you time. And the best part is – if you have a Microsoft Unified Communications solution, the conference is free! Microsoft Lync 2013 is easy to use and its intuitive user experience continues to make the platform a compelling telephony solution for all of your organization’s instant messaging, presence, conferencing and voice needs.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft Lync, please join us for our next information Microsoft Unified Communications event.

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