Integrating Microsoft Lync and Dynamics CRM for Call Tracking

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A challenge most organizations face is trying to convince salespeople to log calls in their CRM system. Most salespeople complain that it takes way too long. But isn’t that the point of using a CRM system – being able to understand previous interactions you have had with prospects, leads or even current customers and react based on the results of those actions? Read my blog to learn more about a new tool that SWC has developed to integrate Microsoft Lync with Dynamics CRM for call tracking and how it will make call logging quicker and much easier for your sales team.

Microsoft has significantly improved the user interface and experience in their latest release of Dynamics CRM. They have also reduced the number of clicks required to log calls with a new social pane. SWC has taken these improvements one step further by integrating Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for call tracking.

The SWC Lync Call Monitor was developed to allow users with Microsoft Lync 2013 enabled phone systems to monitor inbound call events and provide them with an easy mechanism for logging the call that took place with real-time information about the caller. All the user has to do is click to log it. The photo below shows the Lync Call Monitor, a small application that runs in a users’ background listening for inbound calls:

Microsoft Lync Call Monitor

The application automatically looks to match a contact in CRM when a call comes in. The user then has the option to open up the caller’s CRM contact record, or they can create a new CRM phone call activity for the contact. From there, SWC can customize the Lync Call Monitor solution to fit your organization’s unique business process needs.

Microsoft Lync In-bound Call Details

Make call logging easier for your sales team with Microsoft Lync 2013. Contact us for more information or attend one of our upcoming Chicagoland technology events to learn more about Microsoft Lync and Dynamics CRM.

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