Is Anyone Really Using Lync As A PBX? (Spoiler Alert: YES!)

November 4, 2013   //   Unified Communications, , , , ,

I don’t typically write blogs that reference other blogs, but one of the traditional fears around Lync as a PBX replacement is that it’s too new or not mature enough. Those fears have mostly dissolved as Lync has proven itself repeatedly in the last few years in organizations of all sizes (and all sizes deployed by SWC). Here is a recent blog written by the Microsoft Lync team that was too interesting not to share:

We all know that Microsoft Lync’s market share may seem small compared to some of the tenured telephony giants, but its growing fast. In fact, Microsoft Lync is growing faster in the enterprise voice space than any other technology company in the world. Here are some stats on this from Microsoft:

  • In 2013, almost 60% of enterprises (500+ seats) have deployed or plan to deploy Microsoft Lync, including enterprise voice, this is up from 45% last year
  • The proportion of enterprises with no plans to deploy Microsoft Lync for voice has dropped dramatically, from 21% down to only 7%
  • One in four enterprises report Microsoft as their preferred vendor for IP-PBXs, this was unheard of in 2010

These stats are really exciting! For those of you unsure where Lync fits, or if it’s mature enough to be your PBX platform, rest assured that not only are SWC’s clients in love with it, but so is everyone else. It’s a very exciting time and we’re here to help!

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