Let Microsoft Lync Sweat The Small Stuff

October 7, 2013   //   Unified Communications, , , , ,

Throughout the course of the business day, do you realize how many “small things” take time away from big picture goals? Waiting for a colleague to reply to your email? Looking for the Sales Manager who may or may not be in the office? Scrolling through reply after reply on a long chain of emails, or even trying to cobble together different chains of emails that should all be in one place?

With Microsoft Lync at your disposal you can spend your time and energy on the big picture. Instant messaging through Lync provides real time communication. No more waiting for email replies; just send an instant message to your colleague. No more wandering the halls looking for people, when Microsoft Lync’s presence indicator provides visibility into the immediate whereabouts of your contacts – from their physical location to their current availability for chat or a phone call. It even gives you the ability to schedule an impromptu meeting with team members dispersed in several geographic areas.

Another useful Unified Communications feature in Lync is its persistent chat capabilities. Persistent chat provides collaboration by consolidating group communication into a single location. Persistent chat rooms even retain that communication for future reference. Lync Meetings are also a great way to collaborate with team members near or far. With video and voice capabilities, as well as application, desktop and file sharing technologies native to Lync, there is nothing you can’t effectively and easily communicate.

Stop sweating the small stuff and let Microsoft Lync increase your productivity, enhance your visibility and improve your ability to communicate.

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