Anthony’s Review: Lync 2013 and the Grandstream GXV3275

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The Grandstream GXV3275 is unlike any other Lync phone I have come across or had the chance to play with. It is essentially an Android tablet turned into a desk phone with a large touch screen, built-in video camera and various apps. Read my blog to learn more about some of the cool features of the Grandstream GXV3275 Microsoft Lync phone.

The Grandstream GXV3275 is an Android tablet turned into a desk phone. It has a 7″ or 1024×600 capacitive (5 points) touch screen TFT LCD. However, unlike your traditional Microsoft Lync phone, the Grandstream GXV3275 doesn’t run the Microsoft Lync Phone Edition firmware or have a specific customized firmware for Microsoft Lync. The Grandstream GXV3275 runs a version of Android, which is specialized and hosts multiple VoIP apps including the app for Lync Mobile.

Microsoft Lync Phone Grandstream 1

One of the first things you will notice about the Grandstream GXV3275 is its large, bright touch screen – an amazing feature! There is a video camera built-in the phone, right above that large touch screen with a toggle on the back. This toggle gives you the ability to adjust the video camera’s position, so it can point directly at you. Of course, in my mind one of the best parts about this video camera is that it works great with Microsoft Lync 2013!

Another great feature of the Grandstream GXV3275 is the limitless customization options available – from setting a background to choosing one of the millions of screensavers available – it’s very easy to swipe from one screen to another and install one of the built-in GS Market store’s apps. The Grandstream GXV3275 also gives you the ability to connect directly to the Google Play store for apps, which I think is pretty cutting edge. The customization options available combined with the Grandstream GXV3275’s giant touch screen has made this phone the single most asked about phone in my LCS, OCS and Lync tenure. And, that’s saying a lot since I have nine other Lync 2013 compatible phones sitting on my desk at the moment (Refer to Anthony’s past post).

Microsoft Lync Phone Grandstream 2

Another Grandstream GXV3275 feature that has really stuck out in my mind is networking. The Grandstream GXV3275 has your traditional VoIP phone gigabit port with the pass-through you would expect on the back to run on PoE. However, the Grandstream GXV3275 can also run Wi-Fi, making it the perfect phone to use in a home office. The Grandstream GXV3275 can also support six different lines. In addition to running Microsoft Lync, the Grandstream GXV3275 also runs a variety of VoIP apps for Android. As you can see from a photo I took below, I have one line loaded up on the Grandstream GXV3275, but I can simply make a call using a different line by touching the left side of the screen where the different line is and dialing the number.

Microsoft Lync Phone Grandstream 3

The Grandstream GXV3275 also gives you the full Microsoft Lync mobile app experience you would expect.

Microsoft Lync Phone Grandstream 4

There are so many possibilities with the Grandstream GXV3275 tablet experience. By having access to the apps on your phone, all of your data is kept at your fingertips. I can use the Grandstream GXV3275 to access critical software like Salesforce right on my desk phone. The phone is also competitively priced at about $300 – a great price for this unit.

Microsoft Lync Phone Grandstream 5

While I have gone on and on about all of the positive features of the Grandstream GXV3275, unfortunately there are some negative things about the phone I have to tell you. It’s biggest strength is also it’s biggest weakness. The Grandstream GXV3275 runs the Microsoft Lync Mobile client which means there are some serious functionality limitations. One of those limitations is LIS services or emergency notification services support – i.e. 911. I suggest checking out this recent article on Microsoft Tech net that discusses some of the response group participation limitations before purchasing this phone:

The team behind the Grandstream GXV3275 continues to work closely with the team at Microsoft to further develop Lync 2013 integration. So we will have to stand by and see how the Grandstream GXV3275 will continue to evolve and become the perfect fit for many organizations using Microsoft Lync 2013.

Learn about the Grandstream GXV3275.

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